Trevor Bauer challenges MLB to enforce rules on foreign substances

Trevor Bauer has heard enough talk about enforcing MLB rules on pitchers using foreign substances. Now he wants action.

Bauer, who has long been a critic of MLB’s blind eye to foreign substance use, responded Sunday to the league’s pledge to crack down on the practice in the coming months. Bauer questioned why the rules haven’t been enforced before this, questioned what the rule even was, and told MLB to either enforce whatever rules there are or stop pretending it isn’t happening.

“No one knows what the rules are right now currently including MLB and the commissioner,” Bauer said Sunday, via Bill Plunkett of the Orange County Register. “It’d be nice as players to know what rules we’re competing by, and what rules are going to be enforced. As everyone knows now, a rule that’s written down that isn’t ever enforced is not a rule.

“Let everyone be on a fair playing field. So if you’re gonna enforce it, then enforce it. And if you’re not then stop sweeping it under the rug, which is what they’ve done for four years now. I’d just like to see everyone be able to compete on a fair playing field so we can see who the best players are and who the best team is according to the given rules and the given enforcement of the rules.”

We’ve heard some of what the league plans to do to stop foreign substance use. Bauer is right, however, that clarification on what the rule is and what is permissible and not permissible would be a good idea. Players shouldn’t be able to claim ignorance of that going forward.

Bauer’s requests seem reasonable. As someone who is no stranger to calling out the league, you can bet that if he doesn’t like what MLB comes up with, they’ll hear about it from him.