Tottenham loses to Arsenal in the Premier League matchup as a result of a Hugo Lloris error.

Few have been as telling as Arsenal’s 2-0 triumph at Spurs on Sunday, yet the North London Derby is a fair barometer for where Arsenal and Tottenham are. Arsenal took advantage of Manchester City’s setback to Manchester United on Saturday to secure a victory that leaves them eight points clear atop the Premier League with two goals in the first half. Spurs are still fighting for a top-four berth while these two clubs are moving in separate directions.

Although Arsenal was the superior team in the first half, both goals should not have been allowed since Hugo Lloris’ errors in goal are becoming all too often. Lloris is the team’s second-longest serving player, behind Harry Kane, but his performance in games fell short of his reputation in the locker room.

Despite Arsenal’s dominance in the game, Lloris gave up an own goal when he was swallowed up by Bukayo Saka’s cross into the area. His reaction gave the impression that he wasn’t expecting an attacking move.

Martin Odegaard’s long-range goal gave Arsenal their second goal, and once more, Lloris was sluggish to react, diving in the right spot but missing the low effort as it approached the goal. Kane tested goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale in the second half as Spurs improved, but Ramsdale stood his ground to demonstrate how a goalkeeper can make all the difference in a game of this stature.

For the first time in nine years, Arsenal has now defeated Spurs twice in league play, and the games weren’t even close with Arsenal scoring five goals to Spurs’ one. The Gunners have recovered under Mikel Arteta, and they have a good chance of winning the league title, which would make today the most magnificent St. Totterninghams Day in recent memory.

Arsenal are currently 15 points clear of Spurs, and they are unlikely to be overtaken because even Antonio Conte has been unable to narrow the difference in quality between the two teams. Despite the absence of Spurs’ pivotal midfielder Rodrigo Bentancur, Conte would have expected his assault to do better after scoring four goals against Crystal Palace the previous time around.

But with Heung-Min Son having a poor season and only scoring once in two league games, Spurs’ assault is losing its careful balance. A fan kicked Ramsdale in the back when he reached for his water bottle, while Richarlison shoved Ramsdale in the head after the game, indicating how frustrated the Tottenham home fans are with their players’ performances.

On the Lilywhite side of North London, things are frustrating, but on the red side, things are looking better than ever. Even if the post-game shenanigans aren’t fun, a team will always enjoy grinding out a victory in their opponent’s stadium. This triumph demonstrates Arsenal’s ability to capture the crown by demonstrating that no challenge is too great for them. Due to the team’s dependence on Son and Kane and Lloris’ decline in performance, Spurs have a long way to go before they reach that stage.

Gabriel Jesus, who is injured, is the oldest player in Arsenal’s primary attack at 25, followed by Odegaard at 24, Gabriel Martinelli, and Bukyo Saka, who is only 21. Arsenal’s outstanding core will probably win more championships together if they are successful in winning this one.