Top 2023 New York Yankees prospects: Anthony Volpe is ranked first, Jasson Dominguez is third.

The Major League Baseball offseason is currently in full flow, and everyone is contemplating the future. In most places, that refers to the upcoming season; in others, it refers to the longer term, or the following three to five years. The old expression goes, “You’re either selling victory or you’re selling hope.” By analyzing each team’s farm system, we at SUPERTIPZ  like to offer as much hope as we can at this time of year.

Of course, that doesn’t imply that every team has a strong farm system; as you’ll see throughout this process, some do not. The top three prospects in each organization will be the subject of SUPERTIPZ examination throughout the course of the ensuing few weeks, though. If a young player is absent, it is likely because they do not retain their rookie eligibility for the 2023 season, as that is how we define “prospects.”

Following discussions with scouts, analysts, and player development professionals, these lists and assessments are created. Additionally, bias and first-person assessment are included. Remember that ranking players is a difficult undertaking, and it’s okay if you disagree with the rankings. These are just opinions, and the future is not really affected by them. Click here to view our top 20 list for the winter.

Let’s start by analyzing the New York Yankees with that in mind.

1. Anthony Volpe, an SS who is ranked No. 12 in MLB (2023 seasonal age: 22)
After gaining muscle, Volpe had a breakout 2021 season, homering 27 times. He failed to replicate that performance the previous year, struggling mightily in a 22-game stint in Triple-A, striking out 30% of the time, delaying his debut until sometime next summer. Volpe is still expected to be an above-average hitter who can make a difference in every aspect of the slash line. He’ll need to keep demonstrating defensively that despite having a poor arm, he can play shortstop and make all the plays. He might find himself at the keystone in the end.

2. The SS Oswald Peraza Seasonal age in 2023: 22
In the final 18 games of the season, Peraza, who made his major league debut in September, hit.306/.404/.429 (139 OPS+). He displayed remarkable bat-to-ball contact skills, posting a 90% zone contact rate. Peraza has previously shown some average power, but it has to be seen if he can utilize it at the major league level. His ability to make contact and his above-average speed, which allowed him to steal 35 bases on 40 total attempts in the minors and majors last season, give him a chance to contribute offensively even if he doesn’t.Peraza receives a higher defensive shortstop grade than Volpe, indicating that assuming both players stay with the organization, Peraza will take over at position six.

3. OF Jason Domnguez Seasonal age in 2023:
When Domnguez signed with the Yankees for more than $5 million in 2019, he instantly became famous (or as famous as a Dominican Republic-born teenager can get). That kind of rise frequently results in distorted expectations, but only up until the point where they lead to disappointment. None of it is really fair to Domnguez, who never requested to be labeled as alien or to be positioned as a future switch-hitter. Indeed, It’s simple to overlook the fact that he had an OPS of.837 last year while playing in three levels where his opponents were all at least two years older than him on average. These two things, together with Domnguez’s improved play during the season, are hopeful signals. He still projects an intriguing amount of physical strength, as well as above-average speed and power. Dominguez is a major league player, however he probably won’t follow in Mike Trout’s footsteps. It might be a good one.