Tom Brady shares how he feels about being called ‘The GOAT’

Tom Brady and the term “GOAT” have essentially become synonymous over the past several years, but the future Hall of Famer still tries his best to be humble. While he has won seven Super Bowls and continues to play at a high level, Brady insists he does not give much thought to being the greatest football player of all time.

Brady made an entertaining appearance on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” this week, and he was asked if he ever thinks about being the most successful NFL player in history. The 43-year-old quickly replied “I don’t.”

“It’s like saying, what do you like better, steak, fish, chicken,” Brady said, via Nick O’Malley of “I mean everything’s good.”

Brady’s point seemed to be that there is no need to compare him to players like Joe Montana or Peyton Manning. All of them are legends in their own right, though Brady’s seven titles will probably never be touched.

The popular debate for sports fans and analysts used to be Brady vs. Montana, but that ended a while ago for most reasonable people. Even Montana made an admission about it earlier this year.

Brady knows he’s the GOAT, but there is no need for him to say it. Everyone else already does that for him