Tom Brady has great response to Stanley Cup trophy toss tweet

The city of Tampa Bay captured yet another title on Wednesday night when the Lightning finished off the Montreal Canadiens in the Stanley Cup Finals. After the game, the official Twitter count of the Stanley Cup immediately reminded everyone that Lord Stanley’s Cup is too heavy to throw. As always, Tom Brady had a fantastic response.

Brady, who infamously threw the Lombardi Trophy from one parade boat to another earlier this year, knew the Stanley Cup tweet was directed at him. He hilariously made reference to how he consumed a bit of alcohol during the Buccaneers’ celebration.

Brady let loose like we have never seen before during the Bucs’ parade. He was fortunate that tight end Cameron Brate was sure-handed and caught the Lombardi Trophy, otherwise it might have ended up at the bottom of the ocean.

One of the best moments of the parade came when Brady appeared to need help getting off his boat. His response to the Stanley Cup tweet is further confirmation that alcohol was a big factor.