Should Packers be worried about Davante Adams’ latest Aaron Rodgers comments?

The situation between Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers has gotten quiet over the past few weeks, and it is hard to tell if that is a positive or negative sign for the team. Davante Adams once again shared his thoughts on the stalemate this week, and some within the NFL community think the remarks should worry the Packers.

Adams told Paulina Dedaj of FOX News on Monday that he will be at training camp next month “ready to rock” regardless of what happens with Rodgers. The star receiver certainly did not sound confident that Rodgers will also be in attendance.

“Hopefully, Aaron will be there as well and if he’s not, we’re gonna get going,” Adams said. “Like I said in the press recently, I back him and I support him whatever he does. It’s just kind of how we get down. We’ve always had each other’s backs since I first got here. Like I said, praying that he comes back, but if not I’ll be there and I’ll be working.”

It’s worth noting that Rodgers and Adams are close. Adams probably has a better idea of what is going on than the average person, and we doubt he would weaken Rodgers’ stance even if he knew the reigning NFL MVP was eventually planning to show up.

That said, former NFL executive and ESPN analyst Mike Tannenbaum said on “Get Up!” Wednesday that he thinks the Packers should be concerned.

It doesn’t seem like Rodgers is anywhere close to backing down, even if a recent rumor about him joining a country club got some Green Bay fans excited.

Adams and Rodgers are arguably the best QB-WR duo in the NFL, so it goes without saying that Adams wants Rodgers back. Perhaps he understands that No. 12 holding out into the season is a legitimate possibility.