Rob Gronkowski makes interesting claim about teaming with Tom Brady

Rob Gronkowski made an interesting claim on Tuesday about teaming with Tom Brady.

Gronk joined TNT’s telecast of “The Match” on Tuesday via telephone while the participants were on the seventh hole. During his phone call, Gronk said he was the one who recruited Brady to Tampa Bay, not the other way around.

“Let me tell ya, I recruited Tom to Tampa! He didn’t recruit me; I told him he that he was going to Tampa, so he went to Tampa,” Gronk said.

That’s an interesting claim because Gronk was retired when Brady chose to sign with Tampa Bay. After Brady signed with the Bucs, Gronk came out of retirement and asked the Patriots to trade him to Tampa Bay.

How does Brady think it went down?

“It was a team decision,” Brady said in response. “How could I go somewhere and not bring the greatest tight end in the history of football? And he still has more to prove.”

Well, maybe they did plan it out together then.

Their plans worked, because the Bucs improbably won the Super Bowl last season, cementing Brady’s status as the best player ever.