Results and highlights from the Bellator MMA vs. Rizin fight: Leading the route to a clean sweep are Patricio Pitbull and AJ McKee

In 2022, write it down as Scott Coker and Bellator MMA’s last triumph. In order to battle against the best that Rizin had to offer on Saturday, the promotion sent out five of its top fighters, including a current champion, and they passed the test with flying colors.

On New Year’s Eve in Japan, Bellator MMA vs. Rizin featured a spectacular fight that was conducted according to the Rizin regulations within a ring. In the main event, Roberto Satoshi Souza and former featherweight champion AJ McKee engaged in some entertaining back-and-forth grappling that resulted in McKee’s unanimous decision victory.

“I’m just attempting to accept everything. It’s an experience to compete here in Japan in front of all the spectators “After his victory, McKee stated. “It’s an honor to be here and to put on such a fantastic performance. I’m a warrior, and I just got back from a fight. What more appropriate approach to portray this civilization. I would have died a brave warrior. I would have dozed off if he had managed to catch me in a triangle. I am exactly the kind of warrior you describe.”

Patricio Pitbull, the current Rizin and Bellator featherweight champion, dominated Rizin’s Kleber Koike to earn a unanimous decision victory. Pitbull controlled all aspect of the fight’s action in the ring, denying Koike any chance to win.

Other outcomes included Soo Chul Kim defeating former bantamweight champion Juan Archlueta by split decision, flyweight Kyoji Horiguchi thrashing Hiromasa Ougikubo, and lightweight Gadzhi Rabadanov knocking out Koji Takeda.

The walkouts, where each combatant embodied the warrior in their own unique way, were the night’s actual highlights. With his Aztec warrior headgear and weanopry, Archuleta evoked his ancestry.

“I am ‘The Spaniard,’ and ‘The Spaniard’ is my fight name. On my mother’s side, my family is from Mexico and is descended from Native Meso-Americans, but my father’s family is from Spain. According to Archuleta, “[My walkout costume paid homage to] those warriors that reflect what the emperor chose; real, actual warriors hand-selected by the emperor. “I was able to express the other part of my culture here in RIZIN. The jaguar warrior represents more than just the samurai for me. To demonstrate to you that there are other warriors, I wanted to bring that to your attention. similar to Japan’s bushido code. That displayed true respect and honor. To do that was to honor my Aztec ancestors, who were represented by the “jaguar warrior.”