Ranking the top 14 prospective Super Bowl matches in 2023, including a rematch between the Chiefs and the 49ers

Super Wild Card Weekend is quickly approaching, and the NFL playoff bracket for 2023 has already been determined. Which of the 14 teams would provide the finest championship game out of the ones vying for the Lombardi Trophy? We’re very happy you inquired. Here are 14 of the most fascinating potential Super Bowl matches to celebrate the upcoming postseason:

Seahawks vs. Chiefs, Week 14
Imagine Russell Wilson being replaced by Geno Smith, who wins the Super Bowl in his first season. The Seahawks have shown flashes of brilliance while not being a well-rounded club. A shootout is certain while facing the Chiefs. In addition, head coaches Andy Reid, 64, and Pete Carroll, 71, are also vying for their second Lombardi Trophies.

13. Eagles vs. Jaguars
Doug Pederson’s match. How incredible would it be if the coach got a chance to face his former team and win a second championship while leading Trevor Lawrence in his debut season, five years after winning it all as the underdog in Philadelphia? Funny enough, Nick Foles, the Eagles’ Super Bowl MVP from 2017, ended up in Jacksonville following a successful career with the Birds.

12. Giants vs. Ravens
Naturally, this is presuming Lamar Jackson is in good enough health to play for Baltimore. In that scenario, we would witness a brutal clash between two teams who enjoy rushing the ball, as well as a replay of Super Bowl XXXV, in which the Ravens defeated the G-Men in 2000. Physical overachievers by Brian Daboll would make for terrific television on a large screen.

11. Cowboys vs. Chiefs
The large market vs the big timers Dallas last attended a Super Bowl in 1995, while the Chiefs are vying for their second championship in as many seasons. With America’s Team taking on the league’s leaders, the appeal is obvious.

9. 49ers against. Ravens
Again, if Lamar Jackson is active, this will probably just be must-see television. But this game promises to be physically intense, since both the Ravens and the 49ers have among of the worst defenses in the league. A rematch of Super Bowl XLVII from 2012 would be an appropriate way to end the season as Jim Harbaugh, the former 49ers coach and brother of John Harbaugh, considers his NFL comeback.

9. Buccaneers vs. Chiefs
Tom Brady’s Buccaneers may have been too lethargic to generate a consistent fanbase this season, but if they make it to the Super Bowl as an 8-9 club, they’ll likely have gained momentum. Not only would this offer Brady a chance for a record-tying eighth championship (and a true incentive to ride out into the sunset), but it would also give K.C. a chance to get revenge for a 31-9 thrashing he suffered in Super Bowl LV in 2020.

8. Cowboys vs. Bengals
Joe Burrow would be the Cowboys’ quarterback in Jerry Jones’ ideal world, exuding swag as much as unwavering confidence and pocket-passing proficiency. Dallas is another team where the draw isn’t simply the skill on display on both sides of the ball, but also the mystique that surrounds a team that hasn’t had a successful run since the 1990s. Meanwhile, Cincinnati is still in search of its first Lombardi.

7. Cowboys vs. Bills
Dallas would want to equal the record of six Super Bowl victories set in history. The first would be sought after by Buffalo. And there is a lot of room for explosive plays with players like Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs, Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb, etc.

6. Vikings vs. Bills
Few franchises have experienced more heartache in their collective quest for championships. Both teams have remarkably lost successive Super Bowls, going a combined 0-8 on the biggest stage, and are still looking for their first Super Bowl victory. One of them would eventually be assured victory in this scenario. Imagine the big-play duel between Justin Jefferson, the bejeweled heir, and former Viking Stefon Diggs.

5. 49ers against. Bengals
Old-school franchises and new-school talent clash in a great way. Not only would this be a rematch of Super Bowls XVI (1981) and XXIII (1988), both of which the Joe Montana-led 49ers defeated Cincinnati, but it was also likely that either Joe Burrow, who is only in his third NFL season, or Brock Purdy, the unlikely rookie quarterback for San Francisco, would emerge victorious.

4. 49ers vs. Chiefs
This only happened in 2019, when Patrick Mahomes, then 24 years old, won his first championship. But a lot has also changed since then. Brock Purdy is now the 49ers’ starting quarterback in place of Jimmy Garoppolo, who was injured at the time. However, there is a distant possibility that Jimmy G will recover in time to play in this year’s championship game. What do you think of that?

3. The 49ers and Bills
This appears to be the most balanced matchup that can be made: You’re up against the game’s tightest defense with probably the game’s most explosive offense. When facing Josh Allen and company, DeMeco Ryans might find it difficult, or would it be the other way around? In any case, it would be virtually impossible to win in the end.

2. Eagles vs. Chiefs
There might not be a more spectacular situation than this one in terms of sheer spectacle. (Perhaps one; just hold off until the following matchup.) The Chiefs and Eagles have this year’s cleanest, most reliable offenses when everything is going well. A quarterback matchup to watch would be Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes, with Mahomes providing ultra-clutch freestyling and Hurts emerging as the unstoppable MVP for Philadelphia. The Andy Reid factor comes into play as K.C.’s coach faces off against the group with which he began his career.

1. Eagles vs. Bills
Although it stresses balanced offensive firepower, it differs little from Chiefs-Eagles in that Patrick Mahomes has previously hoisted the trophy or gone very close to doing so numerous times. Here, Buffalo would be competing for its first-ever Lombardi Cup against the Eagles, a team that had only experienced confetti for the first time five years prior. The Bills are superior to the Chiefs in terms of defense, and they can make plays on the ball just as well as or better than Philadelphia. And like Andy Reid, Sean McDermott would like to end a special year by defeating his longtime boss.