Packers president offers update on Aaron Rodgers situation

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers are stuck in a holding pattern with no end in sight.

That became clearer Friday, when Packers president Mark Murphy was asked for an update on the Rodgers situation. Murphy barely engaged with the question, saying he had nothing new to report while trying to turn the subject back to the team’s finances.

If anything, Murphy’s lack of comment is notable because he hadn’t been shy about talking about Rodgers for much of the offseason. Things have changed recently, though, as Murphy has shied away from the topic in recent weeks. That may illustrate that he knows it’s time to sort out the situation in private instead of fueling speculation publicly.

As for what’s actually going on with Rodgers, the quarterback appears to be uncompromising in his desire to leave. With training camp looming, the situation is bound to come to a head very soon.