Nico Harrison shares reason Mavs traveled to Slovenia for Luka Doncic extension

Luka Doncic on Monday agreed to a five-year, $207 million supermax contract extension with the Dallas Mavericks. The deal was historic as it provided the first rookie supermax extension since Doncic has already made two All-NBA teams.

The Mavs traveled to Slovenia to make the extension happen and hold a press conference. They brought new president of basketball operations Nico Harrison, vice president of basketball operations Michael Finley, owner Mark Cuban, and special adviser Dirk Nowitzki.

So, why did they all travel to make that trip? Harrison told the Dallas Morning News.

“Honestly, just the idea of the trip, all of us going to show Luka that amount of respect to go to his birthplace,” Harrison said of the reason. “I think when you put that much time and energy and thoughtfulness into doing something like that, it becomes bigger than just a big contract.”

That is a good thing for Dallas. Doncic is their franchise player. Showing him the level of respect and commitment they have to him is important, especially before he signs a big contract. No matter how much money a player has or how famous they are, they all still want to feel loved and wanted. The Mavs knew it was important to show Doncic that.