NFL Week 4 Power Rankings: Dolphins just behind Eagles in second place; Jaguars jump into top 10

Please rise up if you were one of the people who believed the Philadelphia Eagles and Miami Dolphins were the final two unbeaten teams after three weeks.

Okay, so there could be a few of you. But not many people could have made that parlay.

But now that three weeks have passed, the Eagles and Dolphins are both 3-0 and at the top of my Power Rankings, with the Eagles in first place and the Dolphins in second. Miami defeated the Baltimore Ravens and the Buffalo Bills, two solid teams, while the Eagles outclassed three average teams to claim the top spot.

With a high-scoring offense and a defense that can really rush the passer, the Eagles appear to be the superior club at the moment. The Dolphins didn’t have much offensive production against the Bills on Sunday, but they managed to prevail thanks to a late touchdown and tenacious defense.

Miami’s team, coached by Mike McDaniel, has triumphed in games with strong offense, solid defense, and a combination of the two. With Jalen Hurts playing at MVP caliber, the Eagles have had the NFL’s greatest offense over the past three weeks. The Eagles are ranked higher than Miami because they got out to a better start, and I believe that if they played on an even playing field, the Eagles would win.

This week, both clubs have challenging games. The Eagles face the Jacksonville Jaguars, who are coming off a dominant road win over the Chargers on Sunday, while Miami goes to Cincinnati to play the Bengals on a short week.

The Jaguars, who defeated the Chargers 38-10, are the team with the highest gains in this week’s rankings, moving up from No. 22 to No. 9. Justin Herbert, the quarterback for the Chargers, did indeed arrive hurt, but that beating was much worse.

Jacksonville will be a top-5 team the following week if they defeat the Eagles this week in coach Doug Pederson’s return to Philadelphia to take on the team he won the Super Bowl with three years ago.
Anyone who anticipated that?

Obviously not. This is why predicting this league from year to year is so difficult. Simply observe the two remaining unbeaten teams.

Who anticipated it?