Michael Jordan shares one regret about ‘The Last Dance’

Michael Jordan has made an admission about the one thing he would change from the popular “The Last Dance” documentary.

“The Last Dance” was a 10-part documentary series about the 1990s Chicago Bulls. The series provided background to viewers on what led up to the 1997-1998 season, which was the last season before the Bulls broke apart their sixth championship team of the ’90s.

The series did huge TV ratings, was highly popular, and helped reintroduce Michael Jordan to a whole new age of sports fans. But one thing it did not do is give due and air time to one member of the Bulls’ starting five: Australian center Luc Longley.

Longley barely received any attention from the documentary. That left him “bummed” in his words.

“I didn’t expect to be a heavy feature in it because they hadn’t interviewed me, but I did expect to be in it more than I was,” Longley told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. “Sitting there on the couch and watching episode after episode where I wasn’t in it — yeah, I was bummed about that.”

The series director said it was too expensive to send a film crew to Australia for Longley’s contribution, which is why the 52-year-old former center was largely omitted.

Steve Kerr, who was a key contributor for the ’90s Bulls, said that he knew Longley was “hurt” by the omission.

Even MJ recognizes that the lack of Longley’s presence was a problem.

“I can understand why Australia would say, ‘Well, why wouldn’t we include Luc [Longley]?’ And we probably should have. And if I look back and could change anything, that’s probably what I would have changed,” Jordan told Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Longley played four and a half seasons for the Bulls and was a starter on their teams that won three championships in a row from 1996-1998. Those who followed the Bulls know all about Longley, but younger fans don’t, and the documentary didn’t give him his due. He wouldn’t be the only former Bull to have an issue with the documentary.