Manny Machado, Fernando Tatis Jr. opened dugout so fans could escape shooting

Manny Machado and a few other San Diego Padres players are being credited with a heroic move following a shooting that took place outside Nationals Park on Saturday night.

Gunfire was heard outside Nationals Park during the middle of the sixth inning of Saturday’s game, leading to a scary and confusing situation for those in attendance. The Nationals relayed a few messages to the fans in attendance, telling them to exit the stadium through the outfield. Police apparently closed gates from the stands to the field.

But according to a woman in attendance, Padres players opened the gate by their dugout so some fans could take cover in a safe place. She says Manny Machado, Wil Myers and Fernando Tatis Jr. came out to direct fans to the dugout.

The game was suspended and is expected to be completed on Sunday.

DC Police said two were shot in the incident and two additional victims went to a hospital for treatment.