Le’Veon Bell would rather retire than play for Andy Reid again

Le’Veon Bell’s NFL career has been a mess since his departure from the Pittsburgh Steelers, and it seems he still thinks that has a lot to do with the coaches he’s had.

Bell took aim at Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid in a recent Instagram comment, saying he would “never play” for Reid again. Bell added that he’d “retire first” instead of working with Reid.

Bell seemingly alluded to Reid and former New York Jets coach Adam Gase in a tweet last month as well, complaining about a lack of opportunity from “these offensive minded gurus.”

Bell simply hasn’t been the same player since sitting out the 2018 season over a contract dispute with Pittsburgh. He did get opportunity during his first season with the Jets, but his yards per carry dropped to a career-worst 3.2. Things recovered slightly after his release led to a move to the Chiefs, but Reid effectively shelved Bell during the team’s playoff run. Given how the Chiefs have looked on offense under Reid, it’s certainly ridiculous to suggest that the Chiefs coach doesn’t know how to set up an effective offense.

Bell has promised big things for 2021, but he’s also blamed pretty much everyone else for his struggles for the last two years. It’s true that the Jets in particular were a bad spot for Bell, but it is a spot he chose as a free agent. He just doesn’t look like the same player as he was in Pittsburgh. Since he’s still a free agent, it’s pretty clear that NFL teams aren’t buying the lack of opportunity excuse either.