Lakers reportedly trying to get into draft lottery

Some within the NBA are predicting a lot of trades surrounding the 2021 NBA Draft, and some of the rumors indicate a lot of talking going on behind the scenes.

The Los Angeles Lakers are one team that clearly has its sights set on making moves. According to J. Michael of the Indianapolis Star, the Lakers attempted to land the No. 13 pick from the Indiana Pacers in a trade involving Kyle Kuzma. The Pacers weren’t interested in Kuzma and declined.

The fact that the Lakers tried to move into the lottery suggests they’re serious about trying to improve the supporting cast around LeBron James and Anthony Davis. After a first round playoff exit, the team has made clear that pretty much anything and everything is on the table to get better around them.

One thing is also clear: Kuzma is available for trade, with his name coming up in multiple rumors. It remains to be seen if the Lakers continue to use him to try to move up in the draft, but there definitely appears to be some real interest in getting into the lottery.