Lakers’ LeBron James Finds More Fuel for Motivation

James did not receive a single vote as best player heading into next season in recent off-season poll.Another week, another chance to get riled up. Like clockwork, LeBron James took offense to a recent survey by ESPN.

Tim Bontemps of ESPN reached out to ten scouts and executives, and one of the topics discussed was who the best player in the NBA was heading into next season. Although James was mentioned to be one of the best amongst the voters, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kevin Durant were the only two who garnered votes.

James took offense and fired off multiple social media posts and showed how slighted he felt at not receiving a single vote from the survey.

Like déjå vu, Bontemps ran a similar assessment back in 2019, where he polled 20 coaches, executives, and scouts, and James did not receive a single nod from them. Kawhi Leonard, Antetokounmpo and James Harden were the only three that received votes as the top player.

We all know what happened that season, as the Lakers won the title in the bubble during a long treacherous season.

Here’s hoping history will repeat itself for Laker fans.