Kyler Murray admits he still thinks about pro baseball career

It seems like a while ago now, but Kyler Murray was drafted and set to play professional baseball before he wound up committing to the NFL instead. While there’s no turning back on that commitment now, Murray clearly still muses about finding a way to do both.

On Thursday, Murray admitted that he still thinks about playing baseball professionally, and added that he couldn’t bring himself to completely close the door on being a two-sport athlete.

There have been successful two-sport stars before, most prominently Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders. Still, neither of them were franchise quarterbacks, which is why this is a non-starter. Murray has mused about discussing it as part of his next contract negotiation with Arizona, but the Cardinals are highly unlikely to even think about sanctioning that.

That said, Murray is clearly fond of baseball. He was a first-round pick of the Oakland Athletics, and he was publicly committed to an MLB career as late as the end of his final year at Oklahoma. Things have worked out for him so far, but it’s clear that he still thinks about what could have been, even though he seems content with his decision.