Kevin Durant, Bam Adebayo take hilarious argument to Twitter

Bam Adebayo and Kevin Durant got into it at Team USA basketball practice on Thursday, and their debate later spilled over to social media. Fortunately, things didn’t appear to get heated to the point where one of the two NBA stars will be leaving Tokyo.

Adebayo broke one of basketball’s most basic unwritten rules when he grabbed a rebound after Durant hit a shot and did not give the ball back to K.D. The Miami Heat star instead started dribbling the ball around and ignored Durant, who wasn’t pleased. Durant shared a clip of the incident on Twitter and said Adebayo needs to “learn some respect.”

Durant has proven countless times that he is a bit sensitive. He reminded us of that recently when he fired back at some Twitter trolls yet again, but he and Adebayo were clearly just messing around.

If someone hits a shot during a shootaround, they get the ball back. That’s as basic as it gets. Be better, Bam.