Jacob deGrom sets ridiculous strikeout record in latest start

Every time he pitches, Jacob deGrom seemingly makes some new bit of baseball history. Friday night was no different.

deGrom collected his 100th strikeout of the season Friday against the San Diego Padres. He did it in just 61 2/3 innings. Not only is that a record, but according to ESPN Stats & Info, that’s the fewest innings any starter has required to reach the 100-strikeout mark since the mound was moved to its current distance in 1893.

MLB Stats also noted that deGrom’s 0.56 ERA through ten starts is the lowest since ERA became an official stat over 100 years ago.

deGrom left his start with arm tightness, unfortunately for the Mets.

The more you dig into deGrom’s 2021 season, the more ridiculous it gets. He threw six innings on Friday, allowing one hit while striking out 10. He even added a two-run single to give himself some run support. He’s done it without even using one of the pitches in his arsenal, too.