Former Suns executive has strange Monty Williams criticism

Monty Williams was widely praised throughout Phoenix’s Finals run. But one former Suns executive is now offering a strange criticism of him.

Amin Elhassan of Meadowlark Media appeared this week on “The Rich Eisen Show.” During the episode, Elhassan criticized Williams for entering the Milwaukee Bucks locker room during their championship celebration to offer congratulations.

“I felt like it was a little too ‘Look at me Louie’ out there,” said Elhassan. “I mean, you’re gonna walk into the winners’ locker room in the middle of their championship celebration, make them pause the celebration to say a big speech about how, ‘You’ve made me a better coach. You made us a better team.’ Come on.

“If you’re that empathetic where you know, ‘Hey even in this moment of defeat, I gain a kernel of victory by having faced this formidable foe,’ then you’re empathetic enough to know, ‘I’ll just wait until I catch ’em in the hallway,’” Elhassan went on. “Let them have their moment. Call them later.”

It’s worth nothing though that Elhassan prefaced his comments by saying that Williams “is an excellent human being,” “a genuine good guy,” and “a very good coach.”