For an eighth year running, Forbes has recognized the Rangers as the NHL’s most valuable franchise.

Forbes’ ranking of NHL franchise values has once again placed the New York Rangers at the top. The Rangers have retained that title for the last eight years in a row, but the NHL as a whole experienced some significant price rises.

The Rangers’ valuation rose 10% from the previous year to $2.2 billion. After the Rangers’ participation in the 2022 Eastern Conference Finals, such valuation was made. Only one other team had a valuation over $2 billion, and that was the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Boston Bruins ($1.4 billion), Montreal Canadiens ($1.85 million), and Chicago Blackhawks ($1.5 billion) completed the top five.

14 NHL teams were valued at $1 billion or more in total. This includes the $1 billion Tampa Bay Lightning, whose value increased by 54%, the largest increase in the league. That is what winning consecutive Stanley Cups and making three straight appearances in the Stanley Cup Final can accomplish for a club.

The price of the currently for sale Ottawa Senators increased by 52% to $800 million. That’s good news for the franchise, which is apparently attracting the interest of a number of purchasers, including leading man Ryan Reynolds.

At $450 million, the Arizona Coyotes were the least valuable franchise in the NHL, valued at $100 million less than the second-place Florida Panthers. The Coyotes saw a gain of 12% despite the comparatively modest valuation and the fact that they now share an arena with Arizona State University.

The average valuation of NHL teams is $1.03 billion, which is the first time the league has ever surpassed that mark. Below is a list of all of the team’s values.

Team Value 1-Year Change
New York Rangers $2.2 billion 10%
Toronto Maple Leafs $2 billion 11%
Montreal Canadiens $1.85 billion 16%
Chicago Blackhawks $1.5 billion 7%
Boston Bruins $1.4 billion 8%
Los Angeles Kings $1.3 billion 27%
Edmonton Oilers $1.275 billion 16%
Philadelphia Flyers $1.25 billion 4%
Washington Capitals $1.2 billion 29%
Seattle Kraken $1.05 billion 20%
Detroit Red Wings $1.03 billion 4%
New York Islanders $1.02 billion 7%
Vancouver Canucks $1.01 billion 22%
Tampa Bay Lightning $1 billion 54%
Pittsburgh Penguins $990 million 10%
Vegas Golden Knights $965 million 36%
New Jersey Devils $960 million 24%
Dallas Stars $925 million 28%
St. Louis Blues $880 million 38%
Colorado Avalanche $860 million 37%
Calgary Flames $855 million 26%
Minnesota Wild $850 million 26%
Nashville Predators $810 million 35%
Ottawa Senators $800 million 52%
San Jose Sharks $740 million 18%
Anaheim Ducks $725 million 17%
Winnipeg Jets $650 million 13%
Carolina Hurricanes $640 million 16%
Columbus Blue Jackets $620 million 31%
Buffalo Sabres $610 million 22%
Florida Panthers $550 million 22%
Arizona Coyotes $450 million 13%