Dwyane Wade explains his stance toward Heat despite buying stake in Jazz

Dwyane Wade had no association with the Utah Jazz prior to his purchase of an ownership stake in the team. That confused some Miami Heat fans, who wondered why Wade didn’t try to do something with the organization he spent nearly his entire career with.

Wade explained that his decision to purchase a stake in the Jazz was purely business, and it had nothing to do with his feelings about the Heat and their fans.

“It just was the right fit,” Wade said of his role with Utah, via Tyler R. Tynes of GQ. “I live in LA, man. Utah is an hour and 15 minute flight right over the mountains. Everything was right for this phase in my life. For this part in my life [ownership with the Miami Heat] wasn’t the step I wanted to take.”

Wade clarified that it had nothing to do with how he felt about Miami.

“One thing I did for Miami in my 14-and-a-half-year career is give them all I had,” Wade said. “They continue to embrace me and my family even though we are not living in that zip code. The love is always there for me, and I think it’s always gonna be there from the fans. We experienced something real together and it’s gonna last all of us a lifetime. I get it, man. But I’m not just one person to stay in one place. I’m a butterfly, man. And I gotta fly. I gotta move. I gotta go. So, this is just the next step in my journey. But, all love to Miami. All love.”

Heat owner Micky Arison made no secret of his disappointment that Wade chose to go into ownership with another franchise. Wade had a preexisting relationship with Jazz owner Ryan Smith, and the location seems to have been a big deal too. In the end, Wade clearly wants to make sure everyone in Miami knows it’s business, not personal.