Details of Kawhi Leonard’s new Clippers contract released

Kawhi Leonard has signed his new contract with the Los Angeles Clippers, and it will put much of the speculation about his immediate future to bed.

According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, Leonard’s new contract is for four years, including a player option. Under the Early Bird rights the Clippers held on Leonard, that’s the longest contract he could have signed with the team.

Leonard will earn $176.3 million over the course of the deal. Leonard is set to be with the Clippers through at least 2024 and possibly 2025. It also means he will get less money than he would have had he decided to enter free agency next summer instead.

There had been some chatter that Leonard might be willing to listen to pitches from other teams in free agency. That clearly didn’t happen. The fact that he’s made a fairly long-term commitment to the Clippers is pretty clear evidence that he never really seemed interested in leaving.