Christian, Max McCaffrey hit back at Scott Frost over transfer talk

Christian and Max McCaffrey double-teamed Scott Frost in defense of their brother, Luke, regarding transfer talk.

Frost, who is entering his fourth season as Nebraska’s head football coach, spoke with other Nebraska athletics personnel as part of the school’s “Big Red Blitz” on Wednesday. Frost was talking in Kearney, Neb. when he discussed players leaving the program to enter the transfer portal.

According to Mitch Sherman, Frost discussed the transfer portal and how there is illegal tampering with many of the top transfers.

Sherman seemed to believe Frost was alluding to Luke McCaffrey at one point when talking about the transfer portal. The coach said many kids are getting “bad advice.”

Luke McCaffrey was a backup quarterback at Nebraska the last two seasons. But he announced in January that he was going to transfer. Here’s the thing: Luke announced in February he was going to Louisville. But he left Louisville last week after practicing just a few times with the team. Instead, he announced on Monday he is going to Rice.

Luke McCaffrey wanted to transfer somewhere he would start.

“Luke came in last week, started working out Wednesday with the team, and then I guess after the week, those 3-4 days, just decided that this wasn’t the place for him,” head coach Scott Satterfield said. “His big thing he wanted to do, he wanted to come in and play, and be a starting quarterback. I guess after 3-4 days, just decided that wasn’t going to happen here.”

He went to Louisville, practiced a few days with the team, and then left for Rice. If that’s not getting bad advice, then what is it?

The context didn’t matter to McCaffrey’s two oldest brothers.

Christian McCaffrey hit back at Frost, pointing out that Frost transferred during his college career.

Max McCaffrey, who played wide receiver at Duke, also defended Luke against Frost.

It’s not surprising that Christian and Max defended Luke. But they’re off-base. Frost isn’t condemning transfers as a whole. He’s saying some transfers involve tampering, and that some others are getting “bad advice,” like Luke. He is correct.

Also, their fourth brother, Dylan, is transferring from Michigan to play at Northern Colorado.

How else do you explain Luke being in-and-out a Louisville after a few days other than saying he screwed up?