Carlos Rodon shows how clueless he is with Rob Manfred complaint

Carlos Rodon got lots of pats on the back on social media for calling out Rob Manfred on Tuesday, but he showed how clueless he is.

Rodon, who has been stellar for the Chicago White Sox this season, complained about what he viewed as inconsistencies in the suspensions by MLB. He has issues with MLB handing out 10-game suspensions to pitchers who are caught using foreign substances, while the Astros’ players received no suspensions for cheating.

“It’s hard to see this when you’re giving out 10-game suspensions for cheating, but you give the Astros no suspensions at all,” Rodon said. “If Rob Manfred can look himself in the mirror and say, ‘hey, I’m doing the right thing,’ that’s fine. Can’t suspend the team that you actually knew was cheating in a playoff game, that’s on you.”

Actually, Carlos, it’s on you, not Manfred. The reason Manfred didn’t suspend the Astros’ players is because his hands were tied. Your players union was going to file grievances on behalf of any suspended Astros player, and likely win. They were going to blame MLB for not clearly explaining and enforcing rules regarding the way the Astros were cheating. As a result, Manfred gave Astros players immunity in exchange for their honest testimony, which was used to discipline the higher-ups, like Jeff Luhnow, A.J. Hinch and Alex Cora, who aren’t protected by the players’ union.

If you have issues with the suspension policies, Carlos, take it up with your union. Don’t wrongly try to blame the commissioner, who is working based on limitations of the powerful players’ union.

It’s amazing how many athletes don’t seem to understand how their own unions work.

Rodon also seems to be outing himself as an illegal substance user. His strong response indicates he is unhappy over having something taken away from him. Is it any coincidence the 28-year-old is having a career-year with a 1.89 ERA this season?