Aaron Rodgers is criticized by Rob Gronkowski: QB is criticized by a retired player for not having his NFL priorities in order.

Rob Gronkowski seldom calls people out, but the former NFL tight end took issue with a recent remark made by Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

When discussing his NFL future and whether he still has what it takes to compete at the NFL level on Tuesday, Aaron Rodgers casually said that he believed he could win “MVP again” if he were placed in the “perfect circumstance.”

During an interview on “Up and Adams” on Wednesday, Gronk was asked about that remark. Let’s just say that Gronk would want to see Rodgers sort out his priorities in the NFL.

I agree with everything he said, with the exception of the phrase “MVP again,” stated Gronk. “Just saying “I think I can win another Super Bowl” would have been perfectly OK. Why do you consider MVP? Do you desire Super Bowls, for example? Super Bowls are, in my opinion, five times more important than winning an MVP.”

As a four-time Super Bowl champion and former teammate of three-time NFL MVP Tom Brady, Gronk has some knowledge of both topics.

We all know that you’ve received the MVP award a few times, but Gronk remarked of Rodgers, “Everyone would know even more how many more Super Bowls you’ve won than MVPs.” “Because of this, I’m a little perplexed by the quote he just used. Super Bowls should be the case. Even though Super Bowls are twice [as wonderful], you should never consider the MVP.”

Rodgers has only ever won one Super Bowl; it occurred in 2010, during his third season as a starter. Since then, the Packers have advanced to four NFC Championship games, but Rodgers has yet to play in the championship contest again.

Because it’s currently unknown what will happen to him this offseason, the Packers quarterback was discussing his future with McAfee.

Rodgers discussed how people believed he was finished in 2019, only one year before he went on to win back-to-back MVP honors, during the MVP section of the interview. Rodgers said that’s definitely not the case, despite the possibility that some supporters may believe he’s been washed up once more.

“Do I still believe I can compete? No doubt. Can I perform well in a game? The highest, indeed. In the appropriate circumstance, I believe I can win MVP once more “Added Rodgers. “Is that Green Bay or any other location? I’m not sure, but I don’t believe you ought to pass up any chance.”

Gronk seemed to have wanted something more along the lines of “I think I can play at an MVP level and win a Super Bowl in the appropriate situation,” if he had given Rodgers instructions on what to say. But that’s not what Rodgers said, and Gronk didn’t like it one bit that Rodgers put an individual trophy ahead of a team victory.